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Quality & Lab

Our quality control program is an integral part of our foundry’s manufacturing process … we control our scrap, our iron, our patterns, our cores, and our sand.

Quality From The Start

We do 100% dimensional inspections on all patterns on our coordinate measuring machine before they are mounted. We check them again when we put them together, and conduct a 100% dimensional inspection of the sample castings, including fiber-optic inspection of the channels. Then we supply you with all the inspection materials and recommend production methods that will help save you money.

Fiber optic inspection of castings is just one of the many quality assurance capabilities available in our state-of-the-art laboratory.

We don’t overlook the importance of quality raw materials. We purchase certified steel plate, and the highest quality pig iron, then certify it by our own tough quality standards before we pour a premium mix.

Lab-Tested For You

Complete chemical and metallography certification of every ladle is conducted in our lab, one of the finest metallurgical facilities in the country. We conduct sophisticated metallurgical analysis, microscopic analysis, ultrasonic and fiber-optic testing, as well as a Brinell hardness check.

Traceability? We maintain an actual physical sample from each heat for 10 years and electronic data for all heats for 50 years. This information can prove invaluable should a question of product integrity ever arise.

Responsibility? Our environmental objective is “zero emissions.” Since 1987 we have reclaimed all sand; we recycle most of our water; and we’re looking for ways to incorporate those particles we can’t reclaim into new, nonpolluting products.

Accountability? The truth is, every aspect of our system ensures total accountability. That’s why our customers expect the highest degree of satisfaction and peace of mind. And that’s why we currently have all “A” quality ratings.


Tensile testing

Tensile testing

Sand Lab


Metallography Lab