RH Sheppard


Electric Melting

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Our operations include:

  • (2) 25 Ton Inductotherm Channel Furnaces
  • (1) 45 Ton Ajax Channel Furnace
  • (1) 40 Ton Ajax Channel Furnace
  • (1)  6 Ton ABB Coreless Induction Furnace

Pouring castings for Tomorrow’s Future


Ductile Iron

We utilize only certified raw materials in our production of ductile iron with the tundish ladle method. Alloys are carefully weighed and calculated to achieve the desired grade of iron, which ranges from 60-40-18 to 100-70-03. Specialty grades can also be produced to meet the desired customer specifications.

Compacted Graphite

Compacted Graphite combines the heat dissipation of gray iron with the strength and modulus of elasticity of ductile iron. Those properties are achieved through the microstructure of the iron, combining vermicular graphite with nodules.

The maximum allowable nodular graphite present is 20% with no gray flake allowed. Nodularity is section size sensitive and it is difficult to maintain a 20% maximum in section sizes below 1/4 inch. The compacted graphite structure is controlled through careful monitoring of the base sulfur level. All alloy additions are calculated from that base iron.

The final structure is achieved through careful weighing of Mg-Fe-Si and Fe-Si-Ca-Ti alloys. Consistency is the key to producing Compacted Graphite. We pour it every day to produce castings which go into our power steering gears and a varied outside customer product line.

Gray Iron

Gray iron is capable of being produced from any of our five molding machines or furnaces. Each grade of gray iron produced is certified for tensile strength and all ladles of gray iron are checked for brinnell hardness to ensure all castings meet the requirements for physical properties.

Iron Solutions

We can work with you to come up with a metal recipe for your needs.