RH Sheppard

Identifying Sheppard® Cores

How to identify an R. H. Sheppard® steering gear core:

Step by step instructions:

Note: Steering gear cores being returned must be from the same vehicle the reman replacement was installed on.

  • A Sheppard® gear output shaft has no groove. The Sheppard output shaft has a tapered spline with no groove in the shaft. The TRW® gear output shaft has a groove all the way around the shaft.

Output Shaft Cores

  • Different bolts used. Sheppard cores have Hex style bolts, TRW cores have Torx style bolts.


  • The Sheppard® name is cast into the housing. “RH SHEPPARD CO. INC. HANOVER PA” is raised cast onto the housing. A TRW® steering gear is cast with their name also.

RH Casting

    • Raised numbers and letters found on the casting of the R.H. Sheppard steering gear indicate the family and may be any of the following: 29, 39, 491, 59, 292, 392, 492, 592, 292S4-S6, 292S, 392S4-S6, 392S6, 492S5, 592S5, M83™, M80™, M90™, M100™, M110™, MD83™, HD94™, SD110™, or XD120™


  • 392S4-S6 – A raised cast number on the Sheppard housing identifies the size of the casting. This photo shows a 392S4-S6 housing.


  • M100 – This raised cast number identifies this housing as an M100 model gear.

M100 Casting

    • The model of the steering gear can be identified by the letters and numerals stamped into the casting and may require light cleaning of the surface for them to become legible.


  • Sub-model number 392S4-S6. The sub-model number is stamped into the housing, opposite the mounting side. This identifies the steering gear specification. This number is a mixture of numbers and letters.

Sub Model 392s4-s6

  • Sub model number of Sheppard® M100™ steering gear.

Sub Model M100

  • D-Series model – the complete model is stamped into the housing on this D-Series model, HD94PQ3

DSeries Model