RH Sheppard

Commercial Steering

Sheppard™ Power Steering Offerings

Sheppard offers a full family of power steering gears for the heavy commercial and specialty vehicle market. The Sheppard™ M-Series™ gears have been the industry design standard since 1986, using the highest quality materials and components, manufactured to extremely tight tolerances, and produced in the USA. Steering gear housings are made from compacted graphite iron for long life and durability. The rack & sector designs are fully ground for smooth operation with no backlash. M-Series gears, as do all Sheppard steering gears, employ a tapered spline on the sector output and pitman arm for problem free operation and safety.


Our D Series™ Steering Gear

This product family  was specifically designed looking for a power steering gear offering improved handling, with a more car like feel, on center stiffness for less wandering, and reduced noise.  The new gear design has the quickest steering ratio in the market at 16.9:1, providing industry leading performance with less hand wheel turns and less driver fatigue. The design also provides improved durability, improved seal designs, and less maintenance; resulting in lower costs over the life cycle of the vehicle.

Sheppard Steering Gear Service and Field Support

Sheppard provides the best service and support for their products. Our experienced regional field team calls on fleets and dealers nationwide for sales, service, and training support. Factory direct assistance is also readily available for technical support from 8am to 6pm EST through its customer service hotline (1-800-2RH-SHEP).

Sheppard’s maintenance philosophy is focused on reduced life cycle cost. Our designs allow for easy seal replacements rather than costly gear replacements. To support these efforts, we have made a series of training videos available. The videos will guide a service tech through the various seal replacement instructions. Other videos cover basic gear operation, troubleshooting, and pressure flow testing.

To access the videos, click on the “Customer Service”, then “Service and Instructional Videos” to see options, then begin online training.