RH Sheppard

Community Involvement

R.H. Sheppard Co., Inc. has a long-standing tradition of philanthropic support in the community, guided by our history and our values.  Through various means, we contribute to organizations in our area that promote education, healthy living, and family support. We hope that these organizations continue to have a positive impact on our employees’ daily lives.

Be Involved

If you want to be involved with one of our Sheppard campaigns, or wish to suggest another worthy organization, please contact our Community Relations group at communityweb@rh-sheppard.com. The following are requirements to qualify for consideration:

  • Your organization must have a 501(c)3 non-profit status designated by the IRS and have filed current tax returns to maintain status.
  • Your organization must submit three (3) years’ worth of tax returns and annual reports
  • Requests will be considered on a rolling submission basis, but distributions will occur at the end of each calendar year.